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I had written an article on controversial films and their negative effect on audiences. Personally, I don’t feel there should be boundaries when it comes to creativity, but if it comes to a point of hate and negativity against others, then it’s no longer creative, no longer a form of art. Let me know what you think.


Media Issue 2: Journalism Ethics

Interesting article, tell me what you think.


We very often asked that whether the things that the producers of the document publish are the truth or are there any hidden stories behind it.

In the article, it stated that “when the government and TEPCO gave only partial facts or no facts at all, the resulting reports became inaccurate or simply wrong. The credibility of the press — as well as the authorities — fell sharply.” This is because when only some part of the facts are given to the reporters; the reporters will tend to create their own stories to make it like it is the true story to fill the gap that the facts which are not given to them. However, in the article it stated that it is “healthy” to have a certain level of distrust in the media publishing.

Besides that, in the article, Sakurai said that “if the media do not step in…

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“By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.”
― Oscar Wilde

Interesting way at looking at journalism.

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